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Variables that equate truth in faith

“Perseverance” is the word we hear often, when we seek advice or instruction during our attempt to move forward in achieving a goal or accomplishing a task. 

“Just keep going” is what inspirational speakers, encouragers and motivational coaches build their platform of discussion upon.  This is a very necessary statement in all reality, and often times pushes us to the next level of personal growth and development.

It’s nearly impossible for many of us to get the job done, without being in contact with something or someone to push us to the next level of growth, in order to succeed. 

Sometimes, even after hearing positive affirmations and optimistic outlooks, we still have to hold on to every ounce of faith we have in order to believe, we will have what we are desiring for. 
During these times, I personally have to step back, take a deep breathe and remind myself to “Never give up”!  It has often been the remedy that fits the equation, making the value of all the variables that seem to hinder my progress, TRUE.   

When those times arise and all we can do is stand on what little faith we have, JUST STAND, “Never give up!”  This may very well be the remedy that solves the equation. 

Blessing to all and Always Stay Encouraged.

Contributing Writer:  Shira Garnett, Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.

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