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Growing up, I would sit on the floor of our elementary school classroom, very attentive, as stories were being read by my English teacher.  The excitement of putting myself in the place of the characters gave me an outlet, from all the things I personally was facing and dealing with at home. 

Whether fiction or non-fiction, a fairytale with a happy ending or an adventurous story with “villain’s vs hero’s, the anticipation of hearing how the story ended gave me a glimpse of hope and sunshine, in the mist of all my darkness.

Later, approaching graduation from high school, I began considering what I would do for the rest of my life, however, it wasn’t until my early thirties when my inner voice began to speak purpose and destiny.
Studying the Bible, praying and searching for answers from God, wanting to be completely sure I wasn’t experiencing some sort of emotional reenactment of a character I had previously read in a book, I definitely knew I couldn’t allow childhood intrigue and curiosity resurface its way into my actual reality as an adult, I needed to be reasonable and responsible.

Ministry!  Is what I heard.
I was very reluctant to heed the call of my inner voice at first, beckoning me to minister to those who were in need of hope in the mist of their darkness.  Like I, at a young age, as I did, so now do others, was the repeating echo I heard inside. 

Over and over again, the inner cry for help drew me to the call.

Yes, I had always enjoyed encouraging people and knew that would be something I would most likely do, however, when the word “Ministry” echoed over and over in my spirit man and I couldn’t shake it, extreme fear and denial begin to plaque my mind…..but not for very long.

I surrendered to the call and followed the necessary steps that were advised me; schooling and ordination came sometime after and I cordially began to accept speaking engagements, administrative positions within non-profit and faith based organizations and headed up bible studies at the church I attended.

It wasn’t until I actually went into the mission field that I truly began to witness one of the greatest needs for humanity, Servitude in the highways and byways! 

Visiting the sick in the hospitals, speaking at halfway houses to people with chronic illnesses, feeding the homeless, praying with every fiber of my being to be strong even when I witnessed the very people I ministered to slowly begin to give up hope. 

“This can take a toll on anyone, especially, after seeing sickness, distress, hopelessness and despair, continuously!” 

Putting my complete faith and dependence in God has been a ‘Must Do’ for me!  I hear, read and see others get burned out, depressed and personally spiritually anorexic in the work of ministry, ‘A healthy balance we MUST have.’  Ministry work can be quite difficult on a lot of days, nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade this new found love for anything in this world.  

Keeping myself spiritually in shape is a priority.  I have come to a proper and serene knowledge of doing all that I can and allowing others to do what I can’t and above all, giving every care and concern to the Lord.

“Someone plants, someone waters, God gets the increase.  Thank you Lord for calling me into Your Grace.  What a Mighty God we serve! 

If you too have a call to Minister, as all of us do on some level or another, I encourage you to keep the faith, stay prayed up and give your best effort to do what you can and allow others to do their part as well.  God can and will handle the rest. Only God can do the impossible and with our help, we can make a difference.

"Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure; for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall: 2 Peter 1:10

Blessings to all and Always Stay Encouraged!

Contributing Writer: Shira Garnett, Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.

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