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The Lord Will Shine On You

Your Breakthrough is here, your clarity is here, your peace is here, your release is here, everything you need to get you through the hard times has arrived.

Imagine suffering, waiting, being tried, tested, proven, prepared . . . all of the processes in our path, lved the moment The Father shines the least bit of light in our direction.

Everything must bow when Abba steps into the room.

The Word says that GOD inhabits the praises of His people, (Israel). Abba is The Holy one of Israel. This is the Israel, formerly known as Jacob, who struggled with GOD and man prior to becoming Israel.

Where GOD is, victory is.

If you consider yourself a child of The Most High, often times we don’t look like what we've been through, because Abba's light and favor has shined upon us.

We’re renewed day by day. We glow different. We brag different, because GOD gets all the glory!

We reflect our Father, and it causes our faces to shine. Keep looking to The Father, He will keep revealing His glory. He is the Dependable GOD!

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