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Juanita Bynum Being Naked On Purpose

by: April D. Byrd

*Spoiler* I am not talking about being physically naked, but emotionally and spiritually undressed...Transparent. Sometimes in a culture so full of judgement it's hard to be naked and open with others. I am so proud of Juanita Bynum that she took that stand and was unafraid to come with all she had.

I just came by a twitter headline: "Juanita Bynum Confesses Sex with Women and Drug Use."  I love that she was open and honest. As expected social media is having a field day with this news. I came across one commentary that said: "When we fall down, we don't have to identify every branch we hit." I don't think this is accurate, because its imperative for us to get out everything that holds us . To expose it, so it has no more power and drop it quickly so we can move on. Unlike what that commentator had to say, I believe that identifying and breaking every branch further empowers us to destroy the root.

Juanita made the infamous confession on The Frank and Wanda morning show on V103. Besides all the ruckus the main point was  a powerful sentiment on the necessity of purpose. I say kudos to Juanita!! It takes a lot of guts to expose yourself to the public like that especially when you're in a position of respect and authority. I guess when she said "No More Sheets" she was for real.

What do you think about this issue? Do you think it was TMI just to sell more products? or do you agree with her? and would you ever do the same?


  1. I don't think it's too much information. So many in the church have the same struggles as the ones we uphold in high esteem. People don't want just the scriptures they can find on their own, but also real life examples to assist them realizing how good God is to get you through absolutely anything you're going through. When He promised He would never leave nor forsake you, that's just what He meant. So glad He didn't leave Dr. Bynum so we can all learn from her.

  2. I appreciate her transparency. I would do the same, honestly. I don't think she gave all that information for new sales. When I've been transparent, there's been some who accepted me with open arms and others who walked away. It is helpful when we are real with others. It gives others an entry way to be real with us. Good job Juanita.

  3. I think that it took courage to do what she did. She let people know that she was once caught up in the world just as everyone else. I think that she did the right thing.

  4. Her ministry is based on holiness. The messages she's preached in the past were about living a certain lifestyle. Admittedly, I was never a true follower of hers and I cannot say that I have listened to any of her messages in their entirety, but I have picked up tid bits here and there that encouraged me (thank you Jesus!). However, she lost me when she went so commercial. All the CDs, DVDs, weaves, plastic surgery, etc. Being raised in a religion based in holiness I believed she got of topic. When I heard her ask the people for donations so that she could build her threshing room floor, or whatever it was she called it, she lost the little respect I had left. It seems that since her divorce she has been trying to climb out of the PR pit she created and I don't see how this is any different. Not that I really care, but was she with any of these men/women while she was "prophesying" and ministering to people? If so, this is not a testimony. It is hypocritical. Admitting a sin is a testimony because it can help someone else overcome their situation. But, as many of her supporters have said, this is old news. So why bring it up when it was irrelevant to the question? All publicity is good publicity, right?

    People of God, we need to stop allowing people who are supposed to be ministering to God's people to bring an open shame on God. We hail them and say "Thank you for being honest." We should be saying "We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Now sit down somewhere and allow God to heal and restore you." Not, "Oh, they're just like me!" How can the blind lead the blind?

  5. I love the point you made about prophetess going to commercial. I love this woman, for the simple fact that I see myself in alot of the things she has passed through. I felt I could identify with her and the ministry given to her by God. By the grace of God I have also a prophetic calling, so I was seeing prophetess Bynum as a mentor to me. I also didn't like the fact that she wants to be like those celebrities in the circular world, using so much fake things on herself. I know the ministry Bynum is called into gas to do with Holiness and purity. I wish I will get an opportunity to talk to her, I would love to tell her that she have to be herself, and look natural. I also agree with the fact that there was no reason to bring the topic of lesbianism on ground at this point. It did not make any sense to me at this point. But again I am learning so much from this woman messages, and from her passed experiences in life. She has soo much to give especially to woman that has been through or is going through what she went through. Let's keep praying for juanita, she is a human been and she is bound to mistakes just like any other person. She needs our prayers and encouragement. The spirit of the Lord will convince prophetess of the things she need to improve on as a role model to us.


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