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Too much media (POEM)

Original Poem, Inspired by you guessed it...Too Much Media! Enjoy!

I don't want your news, I want your sinews,

 the substance, muscle, life giving tissue
 that will that will help resolve my issue
 give me the fresh life
 the moment that inspiration strikes
you to move.

I don't want your music or your groove

if it can't sooth a sorrowful mood
Give me life.

Don't give me the headline,give me Christ's sign

broadcast that it will be ok
in spite of, because Christ loved
us so much that he laid down his life,

so, don't give me your strife,

give me your joy, give me your peace,
give me your means to relief.

Don't give me your blues,

I want the Good news, I can use
when I peruse through your words
in search of  truth.

Give Me Life!

--Breath Of Life Daily
Before liberty and the pursuit
give me life.


  1. What a confirmation of what God has ordained this blog to do for the world. That poem was powerful. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you Granny! God put that in my spirit as well that B.O.L.D would do exactly what the poem is stating! Amen!

  2. I'd love to hear this in person.
    Spoken WORD.
    You just want the LORD and it's beautiful to just want him!

    1. Yes Maleeka! I actually was thinking of making a video to recite this on, so the tone and word stressing could be really be heard the way I intended. Amen!


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