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BOLD Testimony: Lacey Buchanan

Lacy Buchanan shares her inspiring story about her son Christian that went viral with over a million hits.

Overwhelmed by the response over the past two months, Lacey Buchanan is continuing to boldly testify about the joy of raising Christian – who was born with a bilateral cleft palate and lip and almost completely blind – and her faith in God.

"We are still in the early days of raising Christian. We still have many more blessed years to come in raising our little man who will one day be a big man. In all that in between time, I am praying for guidance in helping Christian to become a God fearing, God obedient, successful, happy, productive, loving adult," she wrote on her blog last week.
The viral video was posted in March, a little over a year after Christian was born. In it, Buchanan recounts her story on written note cards – from the time she met her now husband, Chris, when she was 15 years old to the time they married and had their first child.
When she was 18 weeks pregnant, doctors told them that something was wrong with Christian and throughout her entire pregnancy thereafter, they weren't certain as to what the exact problem was. They wondered whether he would live or be mentally impaired.
Christian was born on Feb. 18, 2011, and the parents were ecstatic he was alive. But the baby's condition was worse than they expected. He was among only 50 people in the entire world with a cleft lip and palate. Additionally, his eyes were also clefted.

When Buchanan took her son out in public, people would stare and make inappropriate comments, with "one girl" even telling her that she was "a horrible person for not aborting Christian in utero."

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  1. I am so loving how Lacy is so bold in continuing to take her son out in public. What is an eye sore to one, is a beautiful blessing to another. There was so much love in Lacy, God chose her to share it with Christian. God bless Lacy, Christian and their family.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful testimony April. It was a blessing to read.


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