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Spongebob Lessons: The Captivation of Being Square

I love how so many cartoons and sitcoms are encompassed by a problem and a solution. In literary terms they are the plot, climax, and resolution.

I was watching Spongebob with my little cousin, yes Spongebob the cartoon, which is one of the most inspirational shows on T.V. Everyone has seen it if they haven't been living under a rock.

Anyway, Sandy the squirrel who lives under the sea with Spongebob and all the other fish, ran out of oxygen, thanks to Spongebob and Patrick. Spongebob now had to find a way to get her air as quickly as possible. In Sandy's own delirium the first attempt failed, so they had to come up with new and creative ways to get this squirrel some air, they tried everything. Of course by the end Spongebob was inspired like only Spongebob can be, and came up with a solution that was so dumb, it was smart.

It worked and the problem was solved. The cycle of problem and solution in the cartoons, T.V. shows, and movies that we watch are a beautiful reflection of life. The problems we have, come along because we have the solution inside of us. When we come up with solutions we grow, so does the capability inside of us for even greater ventures.

Life itself is an adventure. Our ability to get issues resolved shows us the capacity of power we have on the inside that can easily conquer all circumstances on the outside. That demonstrative  power builds up so we can solve even greater problems, and come up with even better solutions, growing wiser in the process. For any problem we have in life, there is always a solution.

The resources we need are everywhere and the inspiration comes when we actively set our minds to do good on purpose. Sandy the squirrel is a cartoon that needed oxygen, but there are many people in the world who are walking dead, bereft of the enlightenment of truth and inspiration. We should set our minds to do good on purpose, letting our lights shine and the power of God flow freely, to give life to dying souls.

The fictional squirrel under water needed life urgently, but there is a real creature that is awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God. We should walk in purpose, reflecting the excellence and glory of God in our lives. We all our children of God, our heritage when we rightfully claim it, causes us to be an automatic blessing and inspiration to others. Spongebob is not incredibly popular for no reason. Be an example of God's Glory to the world and watch your life and ratings soar.

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  1. Amen. Excellent post! God bless you. I love the parallel of a Spongebob Character to God's children.


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