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My Birthday Blessing

Oh Lord! I don't even know where to start. I just brought in my birthday in worship and it was something! God is always so new, no matter how long we live. I'm officially 24 years old and me at this age, is nothing like I thought it would be, or how I imagined it as a kid. I was supposed to be grown and rich by now. I got the grown part, but the rich... not so much.

The state I'm in now is actually pretty bad from an outside perspective: Bad credit, Car-less, broke by my definition, and just messy. The thing is, I love celebrating birthdays and I previously made up in my mind that every birthday I have, I want it to have a theme. Last year I decided on a "Celebrity theme" and decided to go parlay with the celebrities in Atlanta.
That day came together so beautifully, that instead of just going to The Monique Show, like I intended, I was actually chosen as a V.I.P. for the live taping and partied with even more celebs afterward. Needless to say I was amazed, not at the celebrities, but at the love God had for my life and His power to do anything. That day It was really sealed in my spirit that me being labeled as a V.I.P, went so much further than just the taping of a show. Overall, that day it was God who had the best broadcast: He showed up and showed out!
My 24: Unfavorably broke, unwaveringly determined.

This year considering my "car-lessness" and financial standing, I had no Idea what I was gonna do even the simple plan I thought about could not work. It made me kind of sad in my spirit, that I couldn't celebrate how I wanted to, but in my preemptive nature, I decided to make the best of it I could.

After I got off work at 11p.m. I bought some sparklers set to celebrate, when I got home I charged everybody in my surroundings to light one in honor of my day. Surprisingly my 10 year old cousin was awake, who of course is still enamored by sparklers. We celebrated for a short time which made me feel a little better, but I was still kind of down.

When we we're done, he looked at the time and told me I still had 10 minutes before my birthday. Like with any monumental occasion commemorating an advancement in time, I decided to "Pray it in". Once I got on my knees I found myself weeping, not in disappointment, but in Gratitude.

 It was like the day wasn't mine, I was just borrowing it because 24 years ago today, God decided to bring a being into the earth. He made the decision to manifest His glory in and through my life, and as I realized that I became more grateful than I ever was before. Also, in that moment I experienced a newness of life unlike I ever felt before. It wasn't the life shaking move of God that I anticipated, but it was definitely one of those major declarative moments.

 I saw myself as completely brand new and the word I kept hearing in my spirit was: remissive-FORGIVEN . I picked up on the shift in the atmosphere of the heavens. I was no longer the April that made the worst, most self-deprecating mistakes someone could think of, and every issue with my mentality I'd ever had was gone. It was like God saying "It is finished, you're ready, you are prepared now for greatness." I am so happy and I definitely claim that blessing.
Last year's birthday, with some special V.I.P's

The need for a theme for my birthday proved to be an excellent vehicle for the voice and purpose of God.  This 24 years of my life is the declaration that: "My life has been brought full circle". To really break it down, as it was stated to me; "There are 24 hours in a day, that makes the day complete" and God has declared a completeness and wholeness in my life like never before.

 For each of  those hours in a day, e.g. (the years of my life) there has been a completion, learning experience and issues I picked up that worked with me or against me, even though everything really works for our good, there we're issues that I dealt with just because of my environment, and just as with the end of a day everything that had me still bound and ill prepared is over.
The context of time was used because "It's my time". The day has completely come that I can no longer blame my environment for the circumstances of my life. I am free! However, in this case freedom is not a good thing or a bad thing. My absolute best will only come to the degree and capacity that I put God's will first in my life. Yikes! I can say that's easy, but  I will have to work to avoid any pitfalls.

I created this blog Breath Of Life Daily as a way to acknowledge God everyday, and take life one day at a time, but I am thankful once again for the creativity of purpose. There was another surprise early birthday present that I didn't mention before this, and it came in the form of a great innovative idea for the blog's direction and destiny.

I intend to keep Breath Of Life Daily going and expand it even further, and the idea I got for where this "B.O.L.D initiative" is going is gonna shake the world, that's all I will say for now. Today I just intend to celebrate this beautiful, blessed day that God has made. I Thank him for giving me life in it. Thank you to everyone for your love and support. All the blog fans, my church, and family members as well. God bless you, and I love you all! Happy birthday to me!


  1. So glad you had a beautiful interaction with God at the onset of your birthday. Just like you, for a while, I was car-less (for 8yrs after having a car for 10yrs) - another testimony. In those 8yrs were many blessings and frustrations. Although I learned a lot being without a car, I was so glad when God blessed me with a car.
    So glad you are holding onto God's unchanging hand. Just like He did it for me, He is well able to do i3t for you.
    Not knowing all the details, I'm so glad God has given you direction to expand BOLD. This site is not only a blessing to me, but others as well. Can't wait until the unveiling of what He has given you to do. If I can assist you in any way, don't hesitate to contact me. I will definitely do what I can. Thanks for sharing your Breath Of Life with us April. It's the source of life we all need from God.
    Bless you,
    Elegant Granny

    1. Thank you so much Granny! Your words really touched and ministered to me! God bless you!


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