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Let's Hear It!

The Challenge is to run.
on your mark for courage
ready set for amen
to preach your own sermon.
The challenge is to bypass the history
forward marching to victory, and just run.
The challenge is to hear the voice of your spirit
saying I got it,
I'm worthy, I'm worth it
when it's too easy to become discouraged
the challenge is to renew the mind be ready for 'change
old morals, thoughts, and priorities rearranged
by faith, audibly, can you hear it?
Yes you
you got what I got
and we got it
nothing on earth that can stop it...'s
heavy, hard and pushing to overcome
don't fight, just run.
run with the speed of the spirit
can you hear it?
so let's move
let's advance, keep advancing
 to that sweet
well done.


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