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Truth IS...

some times we are covered for others not to see,
until there arises an inner victory
the sanity of truth
disregards the misery of pain
the conciousness that covers the confines of sane
everybody can't see it, the truth is not easily plain

its not made for fame
its made for miracles
the miracles that center
the miracles the heal
the miracles that cause a senseless heart to feel

feel the truth cause its not easily seen
the truth is tangible what gives us stability
within sanity
and in stability there is peace
that causes our misery to cease

the truth is not for fortune or for fame
its for stability to feel whats real
its the realness we gain
real in a world thats so artificial
a climate so fake

where the tangible is fleeting
materialistic and cheating,
cheating death is not living life
because its for the courageous
poverty doesn't last, but ignorance does

and as long as the truth is applicable
it is present, never what was
but always what is
what is outstanding and what is peace
but don't stand stilll

free your self in action
by the works of true faith
let your truth be real

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