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Wake Up!

I just watched a video on the web about one conspiracy of Whitney Houston's Death that of it being a planned murder by a satanic cult. When I watched it, it didn't surprise me so much of the existence of such a cult but the fact that a story like this could make it's way to a widely known media outlet. . The video completely freaked me out. After being on edge I realized that this is the stuff that we take for granted everyday. There are spiritual forces of wickedness and foolishness in existence and sometimes we just let them roam over our lives freely without thought, without question.

It's time for all God's children to WAKE UP! get out of the media's dream and into our own destiny in God.  I was a little scared and my mind started thinking about how all the old folks use to talk about "the last days", the craziness that is: the book of Revelations, and if a story about a satanic cult can now make mainstream media where is the world really going... into a war? and into evil days for sure? The truth is it's not that we are going into evil days...We are already here. There is so much darkness that takes place everyday, but we are children of God because we adhere to the light.

It's time to really stand up and fight for our lives, time to become who we authentically are and be a voice for the living God because the world is becoming more desperate. When you begin to hear all this news of darkness and evil cults don't rule them out just take your position. Know whose you are and what you where called to do and let nothing stand in the way of your destiny to become a great soul.

When I saw that video, my soul needed to hear the Gospel and this video came at the exact right moment in divine order even the subject matter as you will see is exactly in the terms of what I was thinking; regarding evil spirits, the last days and the angst of bold Christians:

Put God first his spirit is greater than all others.


  1. Powerful post. Thanks for sharing April. I recently did a post on "Fear Not Needed" ( One of the quotes were: Don't allow others fantasy to become your reality. That's what the enemy use as a fear tactic for the children of God today. I learned in the past that fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real. If God can not lie, than whatever the enemy says has to be.

  2. This post definitely needed to be posted so thanks for posting it.

    In Ephesians 6:12, it states "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

    It's not a game and I had no idea of a spiritual battle until I met with "Christians" (quoted because I'm unsure of who they belong to) who grew up in families who practiced witchcraft. It was crazy the things they told me. I also remember being baptized and being happy and my pastor's wife said "The War is On". I now see clearly what she meant. God bless and protect his children.
    Have a good week.

  3. you are very much right.We need to wake up AT ANY COAST.

  4. Yes Amen Guys! Thanks so much for your comments they are much needed. and granny I will be checking out that post. Thanks Again! let your spirits continually be blessed by the word of God.


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