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"Saving Ourselves"

Ezekiel 14

Only your righteousness can save you! In Ezekiel Ch 14 the Lord continually makes mention of three men: Noah, Daniel, and Job. God is speaking of people particularly of Israel at this point that have different Idols before themselves, therefore they block God out. He tells Ezekiel to tell them to turn from their idols and and stop all the detestable things they do. God talks of cutting off those people that have false idols yet go to the prophets of God seeking to hear from Him. Continuing the theme of the damnation that God speaks of in all the Chapters of Ezekiel thus far; God tells Ezekiel that no one, but no one can be saved when He begins to destroy the land, only those that live a righteous life. God uses three certain names as examples:
 20as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if Noah, Daniel and Job were in it, they could save neither son nor daughter. They would save only themselves by their righteousness.
So in essence there is no difference, there is no discrimination, no matter who a person is, it is only their righteousness that can save them. The chapter ends in making note that when any survivors that God leaves conduct is seen in the open with all the evil they do, it would be understandable why God has punished that nation.That ends Ch 14.

Even though this is an old testament chapter it's still relevant to today. Some people in the world still have idols,  live for, and do detestable things. And even if we think we are righteous or "holier than thou" you would be surprised how easy it is to get into evil things, especially with the access we have to the internet, the media, and different social sites. Walking and standing upright takes true courage, Especially in today's times... as it states in the old testament here, only righteousness can save you. We need to have a right mindset. Jesus Christ did come and die for our sins in the new testament and that's the very reason why He died, righteousness is a mindset and if we proclaim to be Christians, we have to take up that mindset that Christ died for. In this: righteously believing and following Christ we are saved, we must let our actions line up. We can save ourselves from the history we've known and the obstacles we face, by living a righteous lifestyle and walking in the mindset of Christ.

So The Question is What are some blockades to righteousness? Do you have any?

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