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The Breaking Point On The Road To Nowhere

    Who even sits around anymore and says "woe is me"? Times are too progressive and this is the conceptual age. It's time for  the whole world, each and every  individual to arise and not meditate on what we don't have but enhance what we do. What do we have on our side that's working for us? that goes well for us? what are the resources that ARE available? seeing the good in it that easy to do, but our advantages are also easy to pass over. Has my mind been conditioned to failure and lack? I say I'm mad, I'm angry at that, I'm five seconds away from cursing, but isn't that precisely the problem. we allow things, situations and emotions to take a toll on us each and every way they want, but we fail to do something about it.  Yes maybe your history or what happened to you or how you grew up wasn't so good, but its what has made you "You".  On a recent trip to a church conference the greatness expectancy that I was looking forward to did not come about as I thought it should. what happened? wasn't there supposed to be a powerful momentous move of God? There was but my exact problem and anxiety over the event was my exact solution. I was expecting the grandness to come from the outside, to come from some other source beside myself... I was waiting. The name of the event aptly titled  "Call to War" I realized (again) that for so long in my life I have been moved by things. I have not been an active participant, but instead waited for life to make its move on me. The call to war is a call to action. In times of dire distress, In the times where we are placed in situations that  are threatening and contemptible. That's the very time we should arise knowing that God is on our side. The movement that we wait for is not on the outside, it is inside of ourselves. We have the ability to start the change the we want to see and be. I have been so nervous because I have looked at the results of the performance I have been only waiting, waiting for every other voice to tell me I wasn't good enough or that I was. I AM THE STARTER. I AM THE PERFORMER its the very reason that I live not to wait for life circumstances or peoples opinions to take action on me, but for me to take action on them "The Call" is the call from God God validating that you do in fact have it in you. If I never realize that I am the one that has action in me, that I have power in me, that me and God are the majority, then I will never get anywhere I will always keep going in circles wondering why I'm getting the bad end of the stick. The important thing for me to realize is not only that I have the power to do, but when I do, don't fancy up the results, do fantasize the outcome, but live for today, because the "new great me" that I see in me, is already in me and its not predicated on what anybody else says. Its in me allowing "the call" to be executed. allowing the very reason for my existence to shine bright. There is no great miraculous breaking point in the "church" where you are changed all of a sudden. It takes action on your part to go for your advantage. Don't be moved by the spirit move with it and take each and every day one step at a time.

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