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Regarding Troy Davis...

The media hype is an interesting collision. The discrepancy over the life of Troy Davis is too much to ignore. The life of an Innocent man should never go to waste, but a situation like this should definitely not be one where race is the primary aggitating factor. This situation should be a eyeopener to "ALL" that life is in fact too short and too precious to be wasted. Its a sad sad day when an innocent mans life goes to waste, but are any of us innocent?

Everyone one instead of portraying this to be a crime of race, should much rather view it as a  indignity to human life. But are we doing our own lives any justice? We all should step back and ask ourselves these questions: Have I been using my life to its full potential? Have I made the effort to touch and impact the world with the life that is in me? Have I fully engaged? As for me I will admit I digress, but situations such as this should ignite such a passion, they should light a fire beyond race. We face different challenges in our everyday lives, and they are just on the minut level, nothing life threatning...Wrong! thats just what we think.

Even the little things that call out and demand our attention should not be ignored. These are the nagging family members, friends, or situations that we often look over to focus on other things. But these small trials that irritate us the most are the ones that hold an indelible key to our overcoming our personal flaws, the exact flaws that keep us bound and condemned to repeat the same situations. The reason why we cant experience life how we really want to or really should. And if we are not fully empowered to address these minut irritations and live life to our greatest potential then arent we just "walking dead"? Each and every one of us has a purpose and a track in life that we must accept, your belief and execution of it is what makes all the difference in you living a fulfilled and successful life. We must be doing something with the gift we're given and embrace external reactions and our own flaws head on.

Use this situation not as the vehicle to more bitterness and devastation, but as the fuel to the fire of your passion to be everything you were meant to be. Don't forfeit your life. Engage in those things that press your buttons with a Bold and positive force. Be moved by Troy Davis situation to make a difference about it, but be moved even more about your own.

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  1. I applaude you for sharing your voice with us it is very much needed. Thank you


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