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The Audacity to Succeed

More than Confidence, More than Bravery, More complex than Drive- Nowadays It takes a certain boldness to be freely empowered and maintain excellency in such a slack social order. Empowerment is doing what's right and having the gall to do it, Its us recognizing and walking in "ALL" of our power.Taking up our specific blessing, authenticity, and Royal position despite what others say. Empowerment is not about thinking we are better than someone else, Its about knowing we have the power, being sure enough of ourselves to use it, and share it with others. More Importantly its about overcoming our own obstacles and self doubt to finally say "No" to that which holds us back. Having the audacity to be empowered is an open defying of living any life that is below our greatness and maximum potential. It is taking a stand. Despite whatever history or background we come from, whatever emotional pain or environmental factors that we felt were limiting. Be bold, be fearless.The Power is in us, Its up to us to take it.

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