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Finding Your "One in A Million"

Its the dawn after the day that the World stood in awe and was held captive by the memory of Singer Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Special tributes and features were held in honor of the Singer whos death on August 25, 2001 shocked the World. In Observance of the memorials 10th anniversary many major media outlets produced coverage in her dedication, which brought the onset of  tangible heartfelt sentiment nationwide, and in communities all across the world. The World was definitely reminded of  just how much of a gem and true talent she really was. That Is precisely the reason why the news of her death was so much of a shock and why her impact as we were reminded, made such a difference. Aaliyah had a gift, and at the very time of her passing, that gift had been set up to thrive. Her Career was begining to soar to new heights of greatness that had never been seen. With previous starring film roles, a brand new album, and expected appearances in successful blockbuster movie series such as "The Matrix", there was no doubt that Aaliyah was fully ready to share all of her talent with the world. With so much going for her, What words could explain the loss of someone so deserving? There are none. There is just the lingering impact of her spirit that is felt so much greater posthumously than could've been felt by her living. The great talent that Aaliyah held was extraordinary and bordered the brink of defying reason. When we look at The greatness of Aaliyah's charm, her character, and her story, It speaks reminder of the greatness we have in ourselves. That is the great testament of Aaliyah, Her name which literally means "High Exalted One" brought out the true greatness of everyone around her and continues to do so in her memory. We all our blessed with a gift, Great talent that we were individually and especially made given. Being best known for her Breakout album "One In A Million is not a coincidence, by nature we are all given a factor that literally makes us One in a Million. What's yours? Finding out what it is in our lifetime Is our most exciting and fulfilling challenge. It is this "One in a Million" factor that not only makes us stand out, but makes us beat the odds. It multiplies our chances of succeeding so high that they cannot be detered. Because we have this, It is up to us to use it. Its what makes us win. It is up to us to give our all in everything we do. We must take our talent and our gift seriously and organize it to thrive, present it to the World in the way that only we can, So as to leave a legacy,to meet and be considered One in a Million. One of the greatest problems is that we think we have time to blow,and life to waste. Aaliyah's story is not only a reminder that we are never too young, but the very manner of her death holds the reality: It was suddenly. All things happen within given time, so we must take advantage of the time that we are given and develope the skill that we need to make a difference in the world while we have it. So be Bold, take the challenge, find out exactly how you are One in a Million, and stand up to It.

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