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Reality's Eyes

By: April D. Byrd

So Often we dream, have visions for our Life and Imagine how things are supposed to be or Imagine how they'll be "When". That great "When", when we finally arrive, when we reach our new destination of fulfilling our dreams, but there is no destination of greatness, there will never be one. The great success stories that we see everyday are people who work hard , people who put great vigor, life, and effort into their one single day and tend carefully to everything they do. We have Hollywood's perception of overnight success, but we don't see behind the scenes. We don't see the upsets, the hard work, the time that the truly talented put in to get where they are. And while its ok to dream, Its not ok to stay in a dream, eventually there must be work to accomplish it. We cannot "wait" for Our dreams to come true we must act on them. 

For so long we've witnessed  accomplishment through the eyes of sensational fairy tale television (Think Disney). 

Meanwhile, the Images captured through the Television lens have been all to edited. When Life has failed to pan out the miracles we expected, the ones we felt were promised, what do we do?  just quit? Not An Option! What would happen If we started viewing our dreams through the eyes of reality... I'll tell you what: Manifestation

The part we never see televised is the beginning, the hardest part, where you first have to go through struggles, where you have to win the battle against your self and all the negativity you've known. We never see that part, but that's the part that should be televised and emphasized the most. Then we wouldn't have so many people with bad attitudes, thinking that the world owes them something. 

The value of hard work pays off true enough. We think success is given because it's our passion, we think it will automatically make room for us, but our passion requires that we stand behind it, that we cultivate it and build it up. Yes that means work, but perhaps when we get started it wont be as hard as we think, because we took the time to seriously consider our goal, we dreamed it up through reality's eyes. That's taking into account all the work that has to go in it, the possible roadblocks that we might face, and all else that is an actual factor of how Life really works. 

No Doubt dreams do come true, but its just a matter of the perception we place them in. If we "REALLY" see it, then we can believe it, and if we believe it, then well make it happen. You have the dream and you have the talent, but who's perception are you looking through?

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