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The Forgiving Position

There are many things that require one to take a certain position for proper execution, like the batter in a baseball game, a woman giving birth, sitting to type at a desktop and the ever famous fetal position, just to name a few. Theres is a position for just about everything, so indeed there is a certain position that we need to be in order not only truly, but knowingly forgive.

 However, most of the time when someone offends us it catches us completely off guard. No ones ever ready and waiting for a personal attack, disregard, or blatant disrespect. If anything it hurts our feelings and makes us much rather be in a fighting position. Its amazing though that in fighting thats were the most strength is lost, you find yourself going around and 'round in circles and in the end nothing ever gets accomplished, It just makes things worse because in the end you still have an open grudge with another person, creating division in your life, in a world where unity works best. The problem is its already given that there will always be someone in the world that offends us. Why? because all are not in the same position.

In the depth of the manner that someone offends you shows how low they are, and the length that you take that offense shows how close you are to the same level. Forgiveness is more powerful than fighting, because forgiveness is not for wimps! In it one absolutely has to take a definite position, because forgiveness requires great understanding. Most of the time an unnatural one, because the realm of true wholeness is more in a spiritual nature. That's why Christians are preempt to forgive. There must be a higher intellect on the part of the offended, than the offender. It is why Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."* When we understand that any person who purposely offends us is at an intellectually and spiritually lower level than us, thats when we can most easily forgive.

Not only that, It also comes from having the wholeness and  fullness that is in the love of Christ, not to take things personally. Its easy to be smarter than somebody, but if you dont have love you will still be in the same position. In everything, we definitely have to be on a higher level to forgive. Rightly saying its God who is predominantly at the highest level and position, for it was Him who "Fore Gave us One"* before time!!!

*References Luke 23:34, John 3:16

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