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Resilience Is from GOD's glory

If we look back at all the things we’ve overcome and even how we handle the things we’re going through, it can be attested that we’re resilient, or we’re strong in the face of trials.

The word says there will be trouble in this world, but it’s The Most High who has overcome the world. When we’re in The Most High, we have the ability to overcome The World.

I talk about this more in the short video (below)

To find strength when we need it the most, to find love in a hopeless place, or to get even a little bit of life in a place that seems desolate, barren, and lost . . . these are miraculous things to witness.✨

Somebody may have said at some point in life: “There’s no hope for you”.  .  . you may have even thought that about yourself at one point, but for us who believe, we have great hope.

This is hope we would never have without GOD's Word.

Scripture says, we have GOD's most precious glory in “earthen vessels” i.e. in us.

The beautiful light of GOD through Yeshua is in His chosen ones.

Wherever GOD's people are, light is.

We become the light of the world that can't be hidden, when we receive The One who gives us The Light.

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