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Trust The Holy Spirit


By Yeshua, John The Baptist was referred to as a burning and shining light, by the people he was regarded as a Prophet.

John was a witness, and his witness was verified as true. The Testimony of The Messiah is the spirit of prophecy

Although, as humans our natural flesh doesn’t readily honor spiritual truth, John was filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb

As with Peter “Flesh and Blood” didn't reveal the truth of who The Messiah was to John. It was revealed by The Holy Spirit. 

When we receive The Holy Spirit, we receive power and revelation that fully triumphs over darkness. It helps us navigate difficult times and exercise faith.

In Faith we see the things that are unseen. We’re no longer blind, or walking in darkness.

Because darkness and light can’t coincide, we can shine as children of Light in this life and the Kingdom that’s coming.

May we continue to serve as light in dark places for all generations!

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