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Flawed and Free Podcast: 'Manna vs Meat' Review

The Flawed and Free Christian Community and Deliverance Ministry has led me to many divine insights over the past few weeks. The Mentorship Academy along with the resources on their website like the blog, YouTube Channel, and other content have been real eye openers . . . in the Spirit.

Episode 13 of the podcast 'Manna vs Meat' gets into the deep discussion of GOD's perfect will vs His permissive will. As I began to listen to the podcast I was wondering "was there actually even a such thing as GOD's permissive will?"

LaTyna Jalieba, FFM Academy Instructor and Podcast host breaks it down perfectly. The answer was definitely clear by the end of the podcast. It was a great listen. There were points where I laughed. I love LaTyna's personality. Her exploration through The word in this episode and others is enjoyable. It's fun to listen to, but at the same time insightful.

A few key takeaways and gems I got from the podcast episode are below:

  • "GOD is not looking for us to be perfect. He wants us to seek Him in His perfection."
  • The perfect will of GOD is full of order.
  • "GODs perfect will comes with rest."
  • "you shouldn't make decisions for yourself then take it back to GOD for GOD to bless, that's out of order."
  • "If you fail to learn contentment you will contaminate your future"
So many good takeaways and these are just a very small few. You can check out the episode Manna vs. Meat below and all the latest episodes of Flawed & Free podcast at

Would love to know, what were a few of your favorite takeaways from this episode?

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