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Blessed Generations

I came across this video on social media looking for other Motivational/Inspirational videos, but this one blessed my soul unexpectedly. 

It was a generational theme where multiple generations greeted each other. what I took from it was: when you heal, you don't just heal for yourself, you heal for multiple generations after you, but The healing starts with you.

It's interesting, because I was just having a conversation with one of my mentors about healing and mental health awareness in the black community, and how the conversation has somewhat progressed. 

It's crazy how the enemy wants to keep our mind attacked and bombarded with toxic cycles, with struggles and the like. Things get heavy sometimes. We find ourselves going through the same struggles as the generation before us.  Personally, because I think a lot, it's like my mind sometimes is a battlefield. It's honestly prayer and therapy that has been carrying me through and helping me progress. I'm also a member of a church that's pretty solid.

Especially when you're pushing for healing and wholeness you're coming against a battle to break the cycles you've become accustomed to, and break the curses before you. Think about this when you persevere. . . you're not only pushing for you, you're pushing for generations behind you. You're pushing to further healing through your generations. 

The current study at the ministry I'm apart of is Ruth from the Bible, and her obedience.  Her obedience and being in position, allowing her self to be open to GOD's will set her up so her bloodline could pass throughout generations, even becoming one of the ancestors of Jesus. 

So when you're going through and it's hard, first realize that you're not alone, GOD is with you in this battle because 'The Battle is the Lords', also realize that when you push through and when you claim your victory, you're also setting up blessings for the generations behind you.

Keep believing and trusting that GOD has plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11

It doesn't even have to be your offspring that you bless, it could be your little sister or brother. The random person you met who you intentionally ministered to and told about the gospel or shared your testimony with. The people that you bless and affect are also you passing along a generational blessing!

Stay blessed and keep pushing forward!

What are your thoughts on multi-generational blessings? Share them in the comments and connect with us on all platforms @BOLDJournal.

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