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The Greater The Struggle...The Stronger The Muscle.

Life is so interesting, perhaps too interesting... Some drama is glamorized while some is just shameful. There are times in life when its easy to be seriously confused. and the infamous question is "Dang! Why Me God?" Given such situations like living with family, who are not necessarily the cleanest. Is just a minor situation compared to the disgust some people have to experience as a history. Why do some people have such "great lives" that they are just born into, while others have horrible ones that seemingly follow them for their entire lives?...If They Are Not Careful. It's crazy the struggle of life is serious and it is real but why so?

The ones born in the projects is a wide gap from the ones born with silver spoons.This range is a great phenomenon and mystery of God. Perhaps that's where the greatest struggle comes in to discover the mystery of self, and in revelation gain empowerment. The gap of poverty and wealth is so deep because it always has been the dividing line that only the incredibly strong...well strongly disciplined can conquer. If that's the case doesn't being in the slums give one the greatest advantage? It Does.

From the history and experience of our lives we are meant to learn and grow. putting that knowledge to use gives us the muscle. The greatest innovation and creativity comes from those who lacked that which was standard. We have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and turn around and use that knowledge for the better. It is not the rich or the poor but the disciplined who succeed. So when we ask ourselves why should I attempt this when its just gonna get back to the same condition or messed up even worse we should remind ourselves that its in the repetition, the continued acts of putting care and purpose first that we grow. That we learn and our muscle is developed to great effectiveness.

It's in great feat that we develop great strength. Even if nobody else does, take the out time to care again and again because care requires discipline. In your caring the results you get will continue to be your strength.because you we're born at the bottom means you we're built for the top and everyone has a bottom, but the muscle makes all the difference. Increase Only Comes With Action, and when we maintain the discipline to continually do whats right we build not only muscle, but character along the way, So Make sure you build to win!


  1. Sis we have came from so much and endeavoured so much in our short lives that we are a testament to the world that no matter what happenens to any individual the goal remains the same that with patients and faith in GOD no matter the the circumstance he knocks down the any and all. Keep up his message and God bless- love you O:-)

  2. Love You Too Bro! Thanks So Much! Also, Thank You Veronica and Jaz.


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