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Building Your Personal Vision and Mission Statement for Success

Establishing your personal vision is key to gaining a clear perspective of where you intend to identify an area for success in your life. General visions are a good starting point, but often lead to unclear or unnecessary task and tendencies that lead back to square one. Specification allows us to hone in on a particular and specific intent that will lead to  success. In writing your personal vision, you want to stay away from writing in generalizations. An example of a "general" personal vision statement is exemplified below.
"My vision is to be a successful entrepreneur so that I will be able to produce a sustainable and productive lifestyle for my family."
Now this vision statement is short and immediately focuses on the point of what the subject wants to accomplish, but it also rather vague. Though the vision statement does speak to a goal, it is unspecified. Some questions to ask here that would really give our subject a better understanding of where they intend to go in their vision are listed as followed:

  1. How does our subject define success in there world?
  2. Does the subject intend to pursue multiple or a single source for entrepreneurship?
  3. What are the sources of entrepreneurship will the subject take on?
  4. how does the subject identify a sustainable and productive lifestyle?
Once these questions have been processed through, our subject can create a more elaborate and concise vision statement that will provide a clear visual of what they want for themselves. The revised vision statement is exemplified below.

"My vision is to own a craft store where I will have customers that will expand their creativity through different programs I offer. I will also incorporate artwork and jewelry for sale that will bring in repeat customers and referrals. This will allow me to meet all of my families wants and needs, while advancing our economic climate." 

What the subject has done here was specified all the generalities listed in their first mission statement. They have identified what type of entrepreneurship they want to take on, have envisioned what success in that arena would be for them, have identified what a sustainable and productive lifestyle is for them, and identified how they intend to incorporate different income streams. With this vision statement, the subject has a clear visual and can always come back to reference this statement to say, my vision, my goal, my dream is manifesting because this is what I envisioned. 

Now that your visions statement has become clarified, what you want to do is create your clear personal mission statement. In creating your mission statement, you create your structure or road map to figure out how you will manifest that vision you stated in your vision statement. Your mission statement should be no more than a paragraph-four sentences max. You also want to keep it short and concise just as your vision statement. Using our modified vision statement here is a perfect example of a mission statement for the craft store entrepreneur. 
"My mission is to advance my skill set through partaking in creative classes that will stimulate ideas for workshops and classes. I will also provide a platform for various community artist to create and sell there work. I will attain a mentor to for guidance through my first year of initiation for accountability in customer service and financial guidance. "
Our subject has produced a comparable mission statement that details how they intend to accomplish their vision. This is the goal!! To create your road map and solidify what you want your outcome to be. With this, our subject can zone in on what needs to be done without wasting unnecessary time and resources. Building your your vision and mission statement should be the first steps you want to indulge in when you want to take on a big goal. Clarity and precision produce success.

    Carla Marcelle, is a Transformation Purpose Coach and founder of she's 31 Ministries which is dedicated to the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the edification, enlightenment, education of the principles to maintain a successful lifestyle based on the foundation of God .{Join the She's31 group on Facebook for all your purposed inspiration}

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