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Remakes vs Originality in Theatre, And The Power Of Gratitude

I'm probably the only nerdy person listening to "A Raisin In The Sun" on audio right now. The dialogue is brilliant. Since reading it in high school i'm realizing how diverse and controversial it actually is. To me Lorraine Hansberry is a Genius! I was just thinking with the "all-black" remake of Fried Green Tomatoes, oz, and others, how original, authentic black cinema should be celebrated more! 

Still much respect to whoever came up with these casting and interpretative ideas. They fortunately bring a nice sense of flavor to the stories. The musical aspect of "the wiz" may be the whole draw for me anyway because at the same time the christian-ism in the back of my mind is like: magic? wizardry? that borderline witchcraft?

Hmmm...Let's hope that the nature is truly good anyway and Dorothy's testimony can maybe minister to someone for a positive change, beyond the sing-a-long and fan fare I ultimately see a celebration of gratitude. We should be grateful for what we have and not take it for granted. There really is no place like..........the presence of God. Yeah that was supposed to be home...but in His presence is truly where my heart wants to be. Besides who needs a wiz to fix all your faults anyway when you have a heavenly father who is omnipresent?!

I'm excited about The Wiz Live tonight I loved the original film with Diana Ross!! Will you be watching? Live tweet to me @aprilinspired.

Peace and Blessings Family!!


  1. You mean the original with Stephanie Mills.

    1. I never got a chance to see that one! my first interaction with #thewiz was with Diana, but my absolute favorite "like home" rendition is by stephanie. if anyone else ever sang it. Shanice did a good job this evening as well.


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