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When God Speaks...And Then You Listen

by Carla Marcelle

I had an inkling in my spirit this morning spend some time with my creator in prayer and worship. How my spirit has been blessed because I listened.

A quote that particularly caught my eye, in my morning devotional said,
"To grow tall spiritually, a Christian must first learn to kneel"

In my spirit, I find myself beginning to feel a purging of toxins that are hindering my growth in life. All the natural physical signs say that I am not happy because truth is, the things that once made me happy were all carnal, and simple minded. Earthly pleasures, drunken intoxication, lust, and immorality. As these layers of distractions begin to fall off, I find myself focused and intrigued. Focused on the fact that I have a purpose, and have all the tools necessary to accomplish my life goals. And then intrigued by the fact that these goals cannot be accomplished without a strong foundation with my creator. Since he created me, I have to truly seek him to carryout my destiny.

So it just so happens, my daily devotional for today is entitled, Happily Humble, which encompasses a series of reviews of past readings from the previous recent days. Since I haven't really read my devotional all year, I figured it couldn't hurt  for me to go back a little.

One particular reading that stuck out to me was,
   1 Thessalonians: Stay on Target, (Don't become distracted or discouraged as you seek to make faith)

Hmm, A word from my creator, directly associated with my current position in life. As a young woman with so much vision and purpose, who has an assignment specifically created by God for me.
So His words for my spirit showed me how to focus my attention on him, and how not to be distracted.

Turn from idols

What can you give up today that may be an obstacle in your life holding you back from accomplishing a goal you have for yourself. Is there something preventing you from going deeper in your connection with the creator? Perhaps someone or something?

My take away from my moment with God showed me confirmation in everything I seek to do in my life. From my characteristics, to the reason I love to write, to the way that I am. When I give up the things that separated me from my God, I naturally have a connection. When God speaks, and then you listen, there is a spiritual appointment that takes place, call it Divine Intervention, Many people gripe and complain they do not hear from God, but is it that the spirit of God is not talking to you?, or is it that you are too caught up in your pleasures or everyday hustle and bustle to listen to what the spirit has for you?

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