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Transcending "The Help": The Power of Black Bloggers

After much Ado, I finally saw "The Help" I knew it was still relevant because there is still hate in the world that good triumphs over, but I was along with those still riding the fence as to why Hollywood would want to get back into reminiscing, with period pieces on slavery and segregation. I would be lying If I said I didn't like the movie, but It's not so monumental as anything else we've seen in the past. Actually the only thing I really liked about it, if any heard beyond "Minnie's Chocolate Pie", was the message it had for writers. The power of a good story still, and always will sell no matter what time period, and more importantly it has the ability to enlighten and elevate the mindset of others.

"The Help" was a message in a message, that played out in real life just like it did in the book, and then in the film. As a resident of the south I watched as Whites and Blacks raged and delighted over this one book. Making it reflectional, as a story within a story, or a book within a book, proved to be a highly genius move on the part of Kathryn Stockett. and I didn't read the book, but it was very refreshing that the movie didn't end with a definite "fairy-tale like, happily ever after ending".  No there we're bitter repercussions on the part of the offended, and Aibileen was off on the road to find another livelihood and start over, showing that any action is always subject to consequences, but in the end Aibileen still held the dignity of self-respect. Life is a journey, not a destination and all of us have to walk through it in our own consciousness.

I would recommend "The Help" to any writer who's considered giving up the craft because they felt it was unimportant. Much more in blogging where there is an infinite, even broader possibility to specialize in our niche, to hone our own specific brand and share our authentic voice with the world continually. Words, voices, and influence count, literally; "The Help" is a book written by a writer, that sold over 400,000 copies, with a film that made over 96.6 million dollars. Yes, It was written by a white woman, but it's true glory is in that, it was good enough to catch the attention of none other than our beloved sweetheart: Oprah, who also studied Journalism and communication.

So as black writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs in a month that's dedicated to cherishing the history and the triumph of our people, it's imperative that we raise the standard and rise above the mindset of just merely being "the help". We have the power to create and reflect much more than the back in the day memories and trials of being a house servant . Today is a new day! We have the education and the resources to make an impact on the nation and the world abroad.  This also includes the media and entertainment fields. This year as "The Help" is sweeping the award show circuit, it's the same scenario that brings a question to my mind. "Why is this mostly white audience clapping so hard?" "Do they love to see the same image of black folks replayed over and over again?"

But isn't that the same thing all people tend to do? Repeat behaviors. When do we ever grow and get over the ignorance. No matter what race you are, Ignorance and your mindset will have you enslaved. It will keep you as the "servant". In this age of black bloggers, journalists, and free-thinkers we have the obligation to eminently transcend the role of "the help". To honor this month and our lives we should take the power of now, to triumph black history, evade black theory, and become black victory.


  1. Because I studied this book in class I cant necessarily agree with the Film, it was entertaining but it can come off as a biased view. Seeing as the book was written by a white woman why is it that the black women have larger accents and assumed are not as literate? The movie neglects the powerful civil rights movement and much of the tension, VIOLENCE and progression by black society at this time.

  2. ok! Yeah I pretty much liked the message it has for writers, we have power and a voice even in this time. Thanks for connecting!!:)

  3. I have heard so much of The Help and learning more as I read what people have gained from it. Your feelings are very true to form about the importance and the need for writers/bloggers that blog with a passion.

    It is hard enough to blog and get paid, but to keep that passion and desire to stay on with a cause for good writing. The majority of us may never get "paid" financially, but most of us did not start writing for that. In some cases this, especially for me is a ministry and I respect the power of the written word..

    I enjoyed reading your writing April and keep up your good works.
    Wm Jackson, M.Edu.


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