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Things to consider when writing your vision

So you got the vision and now you’re writing it down to make it plain!  The excitement of your new found passion is bubbling up inside you like a volcano ready to erupt. 

You rush to tell your loved ones and friends only to have your “forever dream” shot down, one by one, all your trusted confidants began to speak of all the negative aspects of accomplishing such greatness! 

Hardly any of the people you chose to share with give you any positive feedback or kudos, nothing more than reactions of “consider this…what about that…how do you expect?!
Now your excitement has gone from joy to being unsure, second guessing and contemplating whether or not this is what you actually should be pursuing.  Sound familiar!

So many people have prematurely abandoned many great plans and visions that have been truly given to them through their constant diligence in prayer, mediation and wise counsel but through the negativity of others who haven’t been given the same vision or for whatever reason, find it necessary to discourage others.  This had been the case for me.

Until one day I decided that I would do what Mary, Jesus’ mother did. I held what was purposed in my heart until I saw the manifestation of my vision come to pass, entirely and completely through my trust and faith in God who purposed me for all things pertaining to Life and Godliness. Ref. (Luke 2:19) (2 Peter 1:3).

Sometimes it is wise to keep a matter to yourself until the day of revealing comes.  This way only God, your spouse (if you’re married) and you will be “In the Know,” no distractions, naysaying or discouragement to hinder you.

The process of accomplishing your purpose is pressure enough!  Until next time. 

Blessing to all and always Stay Encouraged!

Contributing Writer:     Shira Garnett
                           Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.

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