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Life Understood Played Backwards

As far back as I can remember, this is what occurred.  

I grow up in a small town in the State of Delaware.  I had many friends at the elementary school that I attended and I always enjoyed going, especially since my favorite teacher "Ms. Phillips," always greeted each student with a warm friendly smile.  She had such a genuine scholastic approach in her teaching technique and each one of my peers, including myself, were always eager to learn.  My best friend Cindy, who had beautiful long red hair, lightly coated freckles that sprinkled about her face and a chirpy laugh that would catch anyone's attention, were inseparable during school hours, to say the least.

Our family, my mother, brother and I lived directly across the street from "Brookside Elementary School," I had some of my fondest memories there.  

Junior and I grow up as typical siblings with civil rivalry often dividing us two along our mother.  She was a beautiful young woman with an hour glass shape, petite in size and a very witty sense of humor.  I would often watch her as she prepared herself for a night out on the town.  Her selection of clothes, the shoes she paired to accent her outfit and the way she applied her make-up.  All thumbs up! I would give my approval of her choices as she prepared to walk out the door.  I was proud to be my mommy's daughter.

Another day after school, it was a Friday and everything was going as usual.  My brother and I were having our normal "tick for tack" quarrel and my mother had chosen to go out once again for the evening with some friends of hers.  Yes, my mother was single parent and she took advantage of the times she was able to spread her wings!

After getting ready for her evening out, my mother beckoned me to pay attention as she recited the list of do's and don'ts and informed me of our babysitter for the evening.  As usual I responded, "Ok" and returned to the quarrel that my brother and I were previously having, hoping I had the heads up in "tick for tack" match.  Not truly realizing that this would be the last time my mother, brother and I would ever be together again under one roof.  Family as we knew it would change forever.....My life began to spiral into the darkest, loneliest nightmare imaginable after that evening!

At the age of seven, I would became orphaned, abused and a frightened little girl overnight, with countless years ahead searching for the answers, WHY?

Contributing Writer:  Shira Garnett
                                   Nice Column By Shira - Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.

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