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I heard favor isn't fair...but what about Grace?!

Ever wonder how God balances out his healing and justice toward mankind.  Yes, we have read in the Bible, as we rightly divide the Word of truth, that God is fair and righteous in all His ways.

For example, someone may have dealt with an addiction at one point in their lives, however, their life takes change for the better and they chose to stop and seek Gods strength, forgiveness and healing to carry them through. Grace and Mercy without a doubt is granted to them.

On the other hand, there were people who were affected by individual’s actions and behavior which caused grief and pain, as a result of their addiction.

Those affected, may be feel relieved and comforted knowing that the person has gotten their act together, however, their left with emotional scars, debt and lack of trust.

Surely there’s refuge and healing for those who have been affected, and, healing is a process. They watch the individual who’s recovering from the addiction, go on with their lives, and meantime, their still putting theirs back together.

If this is the case with anyone out there, my prayer is that the Lord, will keep you, as you search and pray for understanding.  May the Lord shine His face upon you and the root of un-forgiveness and bitterness be lifted from you hearts and minds.

May the Lord keep you in perfect peace, and restore you back everything that was taken, In Jesus Name Amen.  Blessings to all and Always Stay Encouraged!

Contributing Writer:  Shira Garnett
                           Spreading Inspiration, making hearts smile.


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