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Spread The Love of Jesus.

No doubt, many thoughts must have ran through the minds of those who were followers and believers in Jesus, as they watched The Messiah hang there on the Cross, dying for the sins and Salvation of the people.  Hanging there between two convicted criminals, all three sentenced to death, Jesus, however, in His Passion, knew no sin, yet suffered until the very end.

I can only imagine, sitting in the presence of Jesus himself, during His earthly ministry.  The Word, manifested in the flesh, speaking the very purpose and existence of Life, as God, The Father, ordained from the very beginning.  What Awe, Splendor and Unspeakable Joy this must have been for the early believers.

Even In my reflection, matchless in comparison, as this experience would have been, had I had the opportunity to witness, I do have a testimony of  Jesus Christ speaking to me through the Word of God, in my life, at this time, Today, because He is not dead!.

This testimony that I hold dear to me heart, sincerely humbles me, each time I recall all that the Lord has done for me. All the times He has brought me through, even when I myself made choices that I knew, were not Gods will for my life, but God……

I say this because, I have found it to be serene beyond measure, reflecting continually on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and the Free Gift of life that has so graciously given to us.  Had I been born during the time that the Law was given to Moses and being a descendant of the 12 tribes of Israel, I would must assuredly, been stone to death!  Especially, considering my past.

Jesus, is the ONLY one who can save us, from us.  In remembrance of all that He has done for us, may we continue to spread the Word of Life to others, so they too, may experience the Love, Gods will and Saving Grace of Jesus Christ, The Messiah.

Blessing to All and Always Stay Encouraged!

Author:  Shira Garnett

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