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Own Your Sparkle

If you've been anywhere near the Internet, Social Media, or a television for the last month, you like the rest of us, we're inundated by countless ads and messages urging us to "Go see Sparkle", It was a "must see", If you didn't see it "your life was over"...we'll maybe not that last part, but it was something to that effect; The promoters were definitely pitching it as the movie of the century. Sparkle is in fact monumental, because it has one base that its marketers knew very well: Whitney!
Sadly, as tragic as it is that it was her last performance (in the flesh), the movie proved to be a major triumph for more reasons than Jordin Sparks amazing closing number. Sparkle struck a nerve at a deeper and more divine level that anyone would have imagined it would.
The film which is a remake of the original 1976 production written by Joel Schumacher and Howard Rosenman, got a faithful and inspiring make-over in the hands of new producers which included T.D. Jakes. The story of one singer/songwriter's struggle with family and her journey to fulfilling her dreams gets down to the very dynamics of purpose. By walking in her calling, despite the drama and setbacks, by the end of the story Sparkle sees her potential achieved, while the people in her world and the rest of us get to watch.

This time around the unfolding of events were a lot more glorious to behold. The storyline was expanded and the characters were given more definition. Everyone had their own story which made the overall story more complete. The purposeful, uplifting twist can undoubtedly be credited to producers like T.D. Jakes and Devon Franklin, but the signature style of drama from Akil Productions power couple gave the film it's sexy, relatable edge we recognize from T.V. shows like "The Game".
In the hands of powerhouse producer Debra Martin Chase, Sparkle was destined to to be great, which is why it was phenomenal. I can't speak for the remnant of the century, but Sparkle was definitely the movie of the year and truly a must-see.
Even with its lineup of all-star producers and affiliates*, the production value means more and holds a greater significance than most movies we will ever see again. The 2012 version of Sparkle is a momentous landmark, because it now serves as a dedication to the one gem that made it shine brightest.
She knew who the greatest love of all was, and shared with the world the gift that He gave her. Her talent literally was a treasure to the entire world. It is Whitney Houston's influence in the film that we can learn from the most, because the concept of her final performance with us turns out to be one of the most glorious innuendos of purpose ever captured on film.

As Whitney who grew up singing first in a church choir, empowering souls and making melody unto the Lord began to sing "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" in the film... I unexpectedly cried, with a cry that reached my core. After that moment, even the dialogue which seems extra at first, and the series of events in the film begin to make a change for the better.

My personal reaction may have been exclusive, but the impact of the scene is more than a meaningful coincidence. It so closely parallels Whitney getting back to her glory and utilizing her talent for God's will that the film even serves as a story within a story. Even with the tragic circumstance of her death, she got back to what originally gave her life (The Gospel). That particular performance chosen to be the last the world would see is the priceless execution of God himself assuring our souls in purpose.

She has had countless chart toppers, Grammy winning singles, and amazing number one hits, yet it is her rendition of “His Eye Is on the Sparrow" that will forever be etched in our hearts with the most special meaning of all. The performance leaves Sparkle categorized away from the secular and into the sacred. It's sacred because Whitney's scene is a beacon of light in the movie about purpose and following your dreams. What better role for Whitney to leave us with than a movie about a singer, who follows her dreams, and eventually empowers the world with her gift.

Both stories, Sparkle's and Ms. Houston's speak volumes. If Sparkle's plot is an advisor to follow your dreams, then Whitney's is a reminder that the dream is in God. He gave us precious gifts, because we are precious to Him. Don't just follow your dreams, follow your calling. When you are a child of God you are always His, adhering to his voice makes life a lot easier.
Whitney making history with  the song"His Eye Is on the Sparrow"specifically serves a unique purpose as well, having previously admitted to trouble with depression, it's attested that she knew the sentiment and biblical origin behind the song: "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows" (Matthew 10:29-31).
Situations in life seem hard, but don't ever be worried, avoid anxiety. You are loved and taken care of by God, who knows all. He gave you talent so the world could see His excellence through you. You we're created with a gift that makes you stand out with glory, when you open this gift and use it; the world visibly opens to you. However, you are loved and of the ultimate worth, only because you're His child; owning this, is what it truly means to Sparkle.

BOLD Testimony's Arian Simone also served as a unit producer.


  1. I told myself that I was going to see that movie. I was so caught up with The Expendables 2, I literally forgot about Sparkle until now. Nice post, btw.


  2. "If Sparkle's plot is an advisor to follow your dreams, then Whitney's is a reminder that the dream is in God. He gave us precious gifts, because we are precious to Him. Don't just follow your dreams, follow your calling. When you are a child of God you are always His, adhering to his voice makes life a lot easier."
    - Amen to that!! You have to embrace and earn your dreams. Nothing is handed to you, but the first thing to do is to embrace who you are and let God lead you. Great post!


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