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BOLD Lessons: 2012 Year In Review

Happy New Year!!!!

Breath Of Life Daily was founded in 2011. As soon as I got a PC my life became mostly "interactive from there. It was my intention to "bring life into the blogosphere", but It was the blogosphere that brought the life out of me. I spent most of 2012 online and blogging. I won't be blogging as much, but I will be becoming more active with other projects. Now as I move on in my journey with new plans and new ideas, I can't go without expressing gratitude for the moments and individuals that helped me to be better last year.

I learned a lot of lessons and met a lot of great people in 2012, so in the nature of my BOLD cause I decided to make a video detailing all the lessons, adventures, and blessings of last year. True to Breath Of Life Daily's fashion and purpose to share "Lessons From The Conversation Of My Life", In the video I detailed three major lessons that I learned in 2012, that I plan to take and utilize in the new year. 

Photo: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! It Just turned 2013. So Thankful for all of you and God's blessings throughout this journey called life and things are about to get much more official as the year progresses. I got a surprise:) Be Blessed!
Me: Making The Video, New Years Eve.
One of my lessons was to be organized and to prioritize better, so I'll probably be online less with the blog. However, I hope these lessons can be as much of an empowerment to you as they will be to me.

Thank You Everyone for connecting with Me and Breath Of Life Daily. I am so grateful to see another year and looking forward to meeting new friends and new blessings. Have an AWESOME year! God Bless!

BOLD Lessons from My 2012 year in Review:

Happiness begins within.
As uniquely created individuals, we first have to be satisfied with ourselves and confident in who we are. Looking to any external material or another person is a big mistake. When our worth or wholeness is based on anyone else's approval or love, the absence of it will make us feel worthless and devoid of true purpose.  Each of us are made specifically with divine purpose, its in that purpose that true passion originates.

Soul ties are real.
Becoming connected with certain individuals or things have the ability to form what is called a "Soul Tie". A soul-tie is when a connection between two individuals is bound by such a great depth that emotions and interactions are controlled by the tie. These can be positive or negative. An ungodly soul tie will bear very negative fruit. A Godly soul-tie will strengthen your emotional wholeness and walk with God. It will bear the fruit of love, fidelity, loyalty, honor and righteousness. So, the best soul-tie to have is the one with GOD first.

Take Action. Words don't always matter.
Through blogging during the WHOLE year and writing for several different websites there was a point that I came to the realization that sometimes words just don't comparison with action that is. Although words help and they are effective, people won't always remember what you said, but what will always be evident is what you've accomplished. It's best to be doers of the word and creators. It's the ACTION we take toward progress and our purpose that truly determines our outcome and how well we really are.

Stay Organized. Discipline aids Organization.
Sure enough or every action, there is a reaction. Sometimes the business of our lives can get messy if we decided to skimp over or delay certain steps required for tidiness. Life requires good management skills from everyone. The gift is in our hands to take care of. It is up to us to prioritize, organize, and delegate so many aspects of our lives, including both internal emotions and external surroundings. We have the power, even though it seems like a lot. No matter what hand we were dealt in life its up to us to choose wisdom in order to bring out the best of our life. Organization provides clarity, and in clarity right choices are made so much better.

Honor God. When you put Him first everything else lines up.
There's not much to say here, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Make God the number one factor in life, because He gives me, you, and everything life. However for practical lessons of the matter, its best to: Engage communication with GOD, talk to Him, surround yourself with people that are also engaging divine purpose, seek understanding of the Word both spoken and biblical text and just be "bout that life", the life of excellence and divine purpose we know we were created in. Life gets rough from one day to the other, but its our faith that keeps us strong. With every breath of life we breathe, it is inspiration, our breathing alone is filled with empowerment, inspiration and the glory of GOD and it's all on the inside, so take a deep breath and decide to make the best of your Breath Of Life Daily.


  1. The lessons you learned are ones we can and should all take heed to April! Happy New Year 2013!

    1. Thanks Maleeka! I hope to be a blessing:) Happy New Year To You!!

  2. Wow you are such an inspiration. I just finished watching your video and I did not realize that you had other online presence like the writings and such. I knew there was a reason why I liked you! Lol. Keep doing what you do, I can't wait for your book. I wish you the best in all that you do!

    1. Thank You Funmi! and thank you for your support!!:) Yes I wrote so much last year, hope to really get into something more in depth this year i.e. the book lol. God bless you and all the best for your year sister!


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