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Dream Bigger: See Your Dreams Fulfilled!

By: Ruthann Mckenzie

As I have started to live out my dreams and what I truly want for my life, I have began realizing there are many expenses attached to my dream I did not once realize.  Living out my personhood, my dream, my vision... it is costly, yet I continue to do it daily.  

I am here to inform you that your dream will be costly, too. This is not a negative thing, but it will require you to give more than a hundred percent daily. It will consume much of your waking hours. There will be sleepless nights creating goals and meeting deadlines.  Once you begin to pursue your dream it will be all you think about continuously, almost 24/7.  I have heard that I am border line obsessed with my purpose.  You know what that is okay with me!  The reason why I rather put in the handwork to pursue the dream is how much it will cost if I don't. 

The most costly part of having a dream is if you leave that dream unfulfilled. Unfulfilled dreams will come back to haunt you, because that longing -- that desire placed deep within you -- is not coincidental. The dream deep within your heart is not there to let it slip away.  Your dream will be costly, but the cost to be great far exceeds mediocre

So stick with the sleepless nights and people telling you how saggy your eyes look some days. The goal is not to impress or show off, especially not in the short term. Do not worry about the investment you will have to make and the failures you will endure. Endure the failures and learn lessons from them.  Be creative enough to find more solutions after failures rather than excuses to remain the same. Keep pushing to develop into who God designed you to be. Know that fear is temporary.  We perceive fear to be permanent because we sit there so long, never realizing we can push past it. Failure is not a permanent condition, and neither is fear. 

The greatest injustice we do to ourselves is to talk ourselves out of our dreams because of what it will cost us short term. In all reality, we do not stop and think of how our hard work may pay off. Think to yourself, "what will it look like if I accomplish my dream?"  Your dream may be to lose weight, it may be to open a business, it may be to play an instrument...whatever it is, your dream is valid for you, never discount it.  Pay into your future investments and make the dream a reality. Do what it takes today so you will not pay for your excuses of putting off your dreams tomorrow. 

It Is worth it!

Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram:@theconfidentyou 

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