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SHE Created iT SPOTLIGHT: Grace Kisa

Happy October! B.O.L.D is happy to share She Created iT's monthly artists spotlight and celebrate female artists and entrepreneurs. She Created iT is a platform to Promote, Produce and Educate Female Artists.

Every month She Created iT Highlights a phenomenal female artist. For the month of October the She Created iT Artist Spotlight is on Grace Kisa.

GRACE KISA is a native of Nairobi, Kenya. She  moved with her family to the United States in  1978. Grace was educated at The Art Institute in Atlanta, where she received an Associates in Art Degree. She currently lives and works in Atlanta.

" Making art for me is a journey of exploration, both inward and outwardly. This voyage of discovery often leads me to places I could not initially have predicted I would end up." I work on two dimensional, and three dimensional pieces, and the materials that I use vary just as greatly. Often the work is referenced  from my own experiences. From the movies that I see to the music that I listen to. From the books that I read, to the places that I travel to. These elements and many others become the basis for my reinterpretation of the world around us. By taking what is familiar and making it new, I am attempting to create a narrative that engages history, myth, social awareness, and a touch of whimsy."

More art work from Grace's collection can be found HERE On Flickr.

 Grace's Exhibitions include:

       1994-M-Print Fine Art- Atlanta Georgia
         1995-Tina’s Gallery-Potomac, Maryland
         1996-Diaspora Arts Gallery- Atlanta, Georgia
         1997-Art Station Art Center- Stone Mountain, Georgia
         1998- Emerald City Art- Marietta., Georgia
         1999- Fine Art Images- Richmond, Virginia
         1999-2009- National Black Fine Art Show
         2000- Galerie 500- Washington D.C.
         2001- Carolyn Waller Gallery- Nashville ,Tennessee
         2002- Artist’s Showcase Gallery- Atlanta, Georgia
         2003- The Raiford Gallery- Alpharetta, Georgia
         2006- Just Lookin’ Gallery- Hagerstown, Maryland
         2007- Gallery Serengeti- Capitol Heights, Maryland
         2008- Studio Clout- Atlanta, Georgia
         2009- Stuart McLean Gallery- Atlanta, Georgia         
         2010- Avisca Gallery- Marietta, Georgia
         2012-Contemporaries, Morgan State University-Baltimore Md.
Collections include:

           Steed Media Group
           Hartsfield/ Jackson International Airport
            Upscale Magazine Corporate Offices
            Kaiser Permanente
            Southwest Hospital
            Art Station Art Center

You can find out more about Grace, Her work, and the She Created iT organization at For exhibition and general inquiries e-mail:

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