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The Power Of Legacy After Loss

By: Ruthann Mckenzie

Pain Is Inevitable, But Misery Is Optional.

Today marks the six year anniversary since I lost my grandmother.  She was the love of my life; a woman of God that I looked up to and strongly admired.  She had grit and soul.  Her life was turbulent, yet she not only survived, but was more than victorious.  My grandmother was a helper, a friend, hardworking, beautiful, intelligent, meek and kind. Not only did she take part in helping to raise myself and my other two siblings, but countless other grandchildren, children from other parents, her own, basically a village.  I always looked at her in amazement that such a petite little lady could birth 11 children, survive after losing two of them, work a lifetime with her hands, yet never complain.  This is a tiny snippet of my great admiration for her and I am proud her legacy lives on within me today.

Losing someone you love makes your world crumble.  All that you had with that person is now past tense, a memory. The comfort of others in that moment is nice, but slightly useless as it does not change the reality.  The pain is so real.  Yet, something can be gained from the legacy one leaves when they pass on.

The legacy far surpasses the memories. Memories soon fade, but you can carry on the persons legacy with the good works they accomplished, not letting those go when they pass on. For myself, I have taken on the good work my grandmother began by helping others around me.  It may not be in the same capacity that she worked, but it is her legacy within me.  In addition, her legacy for education has been passed down.  One would have never known without her telling them that she had a fourth grade education. Yet, she instilled within her kids to do well in school, and my mother did the same for us.  Due to her diligence with us working on our education, many of her grandchildren are educated and carry on her strong work ethics.  The epitome of legacy.

I can only imagine, that if she could see who I became as a result of her love and care towards me, she would smile enormously. Six years later, I still want to cry. The pain of losing a loved one is inevitable, but misery is optional.  It has taken much time to grieve and I have my days I just sit in her loving memory.  I am blessed to have known such a wonderful person and having that person shape my life in so many ways.  Her legacy continues on.

So today, if you are heartbroken in any way by the loss of someone you love, remember their legacy.   Know that their life served a great purpose.  Focus your energy on being better because of the one(s) you have lost.  Live a life of hope and great expectancy, knowing that you can be reunited with them once more with the return of Christ. I trust that my grandmother would not have it any other way with me. She would rather me live life abundantly as she taught me to with hope, than have my soul die when she did. I have chosen to live with her legacy.  I pray this comforts and motivates someone to live in hope and carry on their loved ones legacy.  The passing is not the end, at times it can be the beginning.  Time will heal and wounds will close.  Let the legacy live on.

Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram: @theconfidentyou 

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