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Why Anomaly By Lecrae Is The Top Album in America

by: April D. Byrd

Lecrae is on the Billboard Charts with the top album in America. Lecrae is clearly unashamed to talk about being a Christian rapper, So a lot of secular outlets are shocked. 

However, that's seemingly the point of his seventh studio Album "Anomaly". The rapper describes in his definition  video for the project that he's ok with not fitting "the mold" or being placed in a box.

Is it really abnormal that professed Christians can actually be talented and widely successful? It's really not. However, I do love that Lecrae honors the power of Christ unashamed. He is a christian and He is very skillful in his craft. 

Church Clothes 2 is one of the LP's that stay on frequent rotation in my car now and my young cousin who's not so christian was thoroughly impressed. Being that He mostly identifies with the rap that's full of cursing and destruction that's a good thing. Lecrae probably can be confusing to some Christians because he takes the same formula with perhaps an even greater amount of talent and switches the lyrics. Hopefully in that he will reach even more lost people.

His music is more than conscious, it's undoubtedly Christian. Honestly Lecrae's album is number one because of his skill which He honors God in, but also because people are tired of hearing lyrics that don't give life! Lyrics which as Lecrae raps on his new album "Ain't Talkin Bout Nothin". This could be the start of something good. Hopefully it's no longer an anomaly to be "different", but more of us will be the change that we want to see...In whatever field God has called us in. It's imperative to keep God's purpose for us as the lead in our be BOLD!

Check out The Lyric Video for "Nuthin". Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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