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How To Find Purpose Over Heartache and Pain

 Sometimes our pain and hurt can seem as if it too much to handle. Life can seem so unfair, hurtful, and down right miserable. When we think of all the trails and tribulations that seem to plague our lives, it is no wonder why sometimes all we can do is cry.

Last week I found myself in a very low place-mentally, financially, and physically. What made it even worst was that I was in an environment that only seemed to enhance what I was feeling. In my self misery, I begin to think of all the trails I endured throughout my life, and how despite all of it I have never given up. I always had a positive attitude, I always set goals for myself and achieve them, I trust God when I don't feel like he is here, and I am a genuinely good person. Yet still, it seems like I cannot catch a break.

A few of the obstacles I faced last week included I have no money, my car broke down, I had to stay somewhere that just made me utterly uncomfortable, I started a job that depresses me so bad, and worst of all I was really missing the one person in the whole world that really brightens my day- my daughter. Then different scenarios from past began to replay in my heard, and in combined with all that I was currently feeling, I broke down. I began to sob, and I ask God why cant you be God and make everything better? Why can't you provide the opportunities for me that I deserve. I began to to run down my list of accomplishments, all the good I do, and the pain that I endured throughout life to God (as if he did not already know).  I was upset with God, I was mad. Then after a while, as I began to calm down God started to speak to my spirit. He said:  " Listen, It is Not in vain."

I began to feel a shift in my atmosphere, a purging in my spirit, and a peace that said "Hold on".

As I sat in stillness just to vibe in  my spirit for a little while, I begin to hear from God that my testimony is going to be so great. I began to see in my spirit how what I have endured will break chains for people, and how free they will become free because of what I have experienced.

     It was at that moment, I realized that it was my carnality, my pride, my flesh that made me think that I was entitled to something from God because I deemed myself Good. I deemed myself worthy of what the world seeks it pleasures in. Just that quick I realized that my fulfillment and satisfaction in life was not what God had destined  for me, but what I destined for myself. That being said, if I chose to trust God, I trust his plans for my life. If he designed a plan for my life, whatever I encounter in this life has been cleared with God. Therefore who am I to say I did not need to encounter these trails and tribulations. There is a purpose for all that I have been through. Though I may not understand while I am going through, if I truly trust God I know my best interest is at hand.

These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold--and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. -1 Peter 1:7 NLT

So these trials, pain, tears, heartache are all lessons to show us what we need to learn.  I cannot say what each individual has to learn from their trails, but what I can say is that they purify us, and test us to show our strength and our faith. We all know there is no growth without pain and discomfort. In order to grow and mature, to experience greater, we sometimes have to know what it is like to experience less. Sometimes in order to get things right, we have to get them wrong.   The one thing we cannot do is give up on ourselves no matter how hard the obstacles are that we face. We have to keep striving. Nothing you go through is in vain. Eventually we will see that there was a purpose for it all. There is a purpose in your pain. Do not give up your fight.


Carla Marcelle is a Life and Purpose Coach and regular contributor to Breath Of Life Daily. For more inspirational posts from Coach Carla Stay tuned to her "Wake Up Wednesdays" segment here on BOLD Journal every Wednesday. Subscribe via e-mail and connect with @BOLDJournal on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

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  1. Well said. It is true God has purpose for all of us, sometimes it take us I while and through obstables to figure out that purpose. Great post.


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