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What Christianity Looks Like

Tameka Bates stood as protection for a mother and her baby against a harasser with a very violent spirit. On a Philadelphia bus line Tameka BOLDly proclaimed "Satan the blood of  Jesus rebuke you" as she blocked the man's access to the mother. Tameka's actions is the epitome of what Christianity is, A BOLDness and fearlessness that comes from no other place but the spirit of God, put into action. While everyone else sat by idly, Tameka's Spirit was called out to do the right thing.

"I didn't fear what was in Him because I knew the greater being that was in me could defeat what was actually in him." Bates told FOX news. Tameka is a Minister at Resurrection Evangelistic Church. It's safe to say Her faith stood in the gap for the situation. The world is witnessing more powerful stories like this, as not too long ago Antionette Tuff showed her faith in action, when she talked with an Armed and Dangerous man on a elementary school's premises and changed a potentially harmful course of events.

These are great examples of what Christianity looks like being practiced in the world. Hopefully we will see more stories like these develop and make major headlines.

FOX Philly news first broke the report of Tameka's Bravery (Video Below):

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