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What's In A Name?: The Recompense of #IAmJada

The fact that Jada chose to reclaim her name back after such public disrespect and degradation is extraordinary. The 16-year-old girl from Texas who woke up after attending a party and found pictures of herself  unconscious and naked online, believes she was raped, after being given a spiked drink. If all this wasn't bad enough the pictures of her body were being ridiculed under the hashtag #Jadapose.

In this age hashtags are as important as names, and just like a birth name they can take on a life of their own. Yes, Corruption and debauchery can be digitally personified and taken lightly. However in Jada's case Bravery, Awareness, and Resilience are coming out on top, as the power of good tends to do. Jada chose to stand up and make her voice heard. She made the choice to claim her true character under the hashtag #IAmJada.

In an interview with Marc Lamont Hill on huffpost live, there is a striking moment when Jada states the aim to "Get Her Name Back". For many people who have been a victim to such a crime the tenacity that Jada's shown does not come so easily, if at all. What's commendable is that she chose not to hold back. Her voice is uplifted, with much support. Given the many cases where so many voices have gone unheard because of fear. Her strength is helping to foster a world where survivors know they are safe, they are believed, and they're lives will not be consumed with shame*.

The names given to us represent our character and essence. The very name Jada is from Hebrew origin, meaning "wise", or "one who knows". It's fitting that Jada knew the power of claiming her voice. Her life and her name need not be consumed. Her story is a testament that our name and our true character can never be taken.

There is significant power in owning our strength, Your strength is yours and it belongs to no one else. In earlier reports Jada stated that her "reputation was over." but through this, It can be said that it has just begun and it's the best one yet. The very fact that Jada took a stand is a statement that there is power beyond her body. As a woman your power is not solely in your body or sex appeal. Women are often objectified in media, and we can play the blame game all day, but the truth is individuals need to be held accountable for their actions. The men in these cases, or any offender should not be excused. Stop blaming victims. Stop letting true criminals go uncharged.

In the interview with Hill, Jada is tired, and dealing with the issue seems very taxing, but her bravery has yielded a great reward. I imagine she would be tired, but may her strength be renewed, may she continue to run on because the cause is worthy.

Millions are standing in support under the hashtag #IAmJada. We will not let "Jada" go unheard. To every "Jada", understand that your dignity will not be stripped, your consciousness is your power, your raised voice of awareness is vital, and You Are The VICTOR!

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presences actually liberates others*. Jada's presence has made a difference online and off. She is #BOLDJada #BraveJada #FierceJada #WiseJada #SmartJada, #VictoriousJada, #ConsiousJada #AwareJada #FearlessJada! We stand proud to be a #Fearless Jada!

For more support and information on help in overcoming an abuse situation and supporting victors. Contact Survivors with Voices Organization at                                                                    

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