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How Sheryl Underwood Turned A Secret Into Success

by: April D. Byrd

When was the last time you shared a secret and got a standing ovation for it? Never! Me either. We can all take notes from Sheryl Underwood.
"I was bruised, but I wasn't Broken"!  We've all been there. The Powerful words came from "The Talk"  Co-Host  when she revealed a juicy secret on the show.

Sheryl's presentation of her truth turned out to be one of the most absolute boss moves I've ever seen on TV. and I didn't actually see it on a TV, but of course #SherylUnderwood was trending, because that's how BOSS it was!

If you haven't seen the video already you might want to check it out! (Below):
Share your thoughts about it in the comments section. 

There is a lot of speculation but seemingly Sheryl handled the situation with eloquence!
What did you think about Sheryl's share? Do you think it was appropriate? Would you have done it?

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