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The Danger In Compromise...

 By Carla Marcelle    

Late last evening, I stayed up until about 2 am watching this very intriguing movie, Dancing in September, which has impacted me so deeply. The movie portrayed a story about a black, up and coming writer in Hollywood that was an advocate for change of the stereotypical role of the black family sitcom. Typically, black sitcoms tend to be excessively funny, somewhat explicit, and relatively idiotic, with some profound message lodged somewhere within the 30 minute time span.

     It was amazing to me how much the young writer stood for such things as the depiction of healthy family values, the edification of the black youth, and the integrity of a black female in a prestigious position.

 In the beginning of the movie, the writer was working on a sitcom, and did not agree with the content,  so she voiced her opinion. She basically said to the producer, why do these black people have to continuously make a mockery of themselves? Well, she lost her job for that outburst.

She then wrote a pilot for a sitcom, and landed a spot on Thursday night lineup on a major network. Her sitcom was full of motivation and positivity. People liked her show; it came in number 1 for the viewers choice when it first aired.
 As the show ran into its second season, ratings started to drop, and her production company told her the show needed to be funnier. Her funny was not enough, until she started making a mockery of her characters. She started to compromise her vales, and her morals. She turned a positive character into a fool, and unfortunately the character started to take his TV character into reality. He started living his life as he portrayed it in the sitcom. He fell victim to his character on the show. The young actor started to face various obstacles in his life, and he couldn’t handle it. On the taping of the final episode, the young actor walked on set, and shot himself pointblank in his head. He committed suicide. The writer was baffled. She couldn’t believe it. Her motivation for her work had changed. She no longer valued her integrity. Everything she believed in was put aside for Production Company, so she could continue to make big bucks. She turned down a positive image award, and moved out of town.

Oh when we compromise our beliefs. Oh when we compromise our morals, and our values. Oh when we compromise!!

   Compromise happens when we make exceptions for personal gain, or when we lose touch of our purpose. Compromise not only affects you, but those who look up to you, and those who you just so happen to cross paths with. When we compromise, we lose our selves and our identity. We compromise our purposed design, and ultimately we compromise our life.

Lets stand for Zero compromise. Lets begin to uphold the standard. Consider these tips on your daily walk on purpose, that will ultimately lead you to your destiny.

  • Creating a personal standard for yourself is one key way to keep yourself accountable to "you". Nobody knows your goals and aspirations as well as you do. Therefore, nobody should have the power to alter your state of being to achieve those goals. 
  • Always keep in mind your motivation for starting in the first place. Remembering your purpose for taking on a task should always be relevant to how you pursue your endeavors
  • Surround yourself with people of like minds. My mother always told me, “Birds of a feather flock together”. How true it is, even when we don’t realize it. The subconscious is a very powerful tool. Negativity can easily creep into our thoughts when we continuously hear it. Lies, deceit, and drama, can ultimately find its way into your circumstance when you allow certain spirits into your atmosphere. Stay conscious of your surroundings, and always be sober minded.

   Remember, as a body, we all have our functions. We all have our purposed design, and it is up to us to ensure we effectively carryout our mission. We cannot keep compromising our values, and goals. We cannot keep compromising our self. Accountability is vital to upholding your standard. Be sure to stay true to yourself, and trust the creator.

 Carla Marcelle is a Life Coach, Writer, and Contributor to BOLDJournal

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