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Denzel Washington's "Dreams" and Goals (Video)

"True desire in the heart for anything good is God's proof to you sent beforehand to indicate that its yours already. You already have it! Claim it!" 

"Dreams without goals, are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment."

"Between Goals and achievement is discipline and consistency." 

"I pray that you all put your shoes way under the bed at night, so that you gotta get on your knees in the morning... and while you're down there, thank God for grace and mercy and understanding!" 

WOW! In a video shared on his FB page performer Tyrese Gibson captured Denzel Washington explaining to a group of on lookers the power of discipline and breaking down the anatomy of dreams. The motivational video is being shared all over the web. The content is really powerful. and If you thought Denzel Washington was a great actor, or even if you didn't, this piece is encore worthy! BOLDJournal can definitely back him up on this!

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