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I don't want your news; I want your sinews,
the substance, muscle, life giving tissue
that will that will help solve my issue.

 Give me the fresh life
the moment inspiration strikes
you to move.

 I don't want your music or your groove
if it can't sooth a sorrowful mood
Give me life.

 Don't give me the headline, give me Christ's sign
broadcast that it will be ok
in spite of, because Christ loved

us so much that he laid down his life,
the blood. I'm already bought with a price

 so, don't give me your strife,
give me your joy, dish out your peace,
show me your means to relief.
 Don't give me your blues,
I want the Good news, I can use
when I peruse through your words
in search of truth.

Before liberty and the pursuit
Give me life.

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