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Can You Hear Me Now?

This generation is the enlightenment generation. Our eyes have been more open to self-help, emotional intelligence, and the deeper meaning of scripture. We also have a bountiful array of ministers and preachers under new aliases now: the "Life Coaches", "Motivational Speakers", etc. Everyone is a minister in their own right. We are all more "enlightened" partly because it's also a generation of a lot more media access. Media is an extremely powerful force; it controls how we connect with everything and everyone. The alarm and great reminder to be careful of what I take in was so monumental today it was shocking, as a matter of fact this is a first in my life that I've been made so aware of what's happening in the world.

Yes I hear you really clear this time... and Wow!
I grew up in front of the television, and listening to radio I believe it's why I am so drawn to media in the first place. I never gave it much thought that the devil had as much influence as people claimed he had, God has power over all and I don't give any other spirit a bit of airtime, but I'll admit I have been a little Naive when it came to the topic darkness and spiritual warfare...ok really naive! Being a former orphan I'm like God's little girl that’s always protected and looked out for through the good forces of the world; just tucked away in my own happy go-lucky world (Ya'll know I'm happy 99% of the time). Honestly, it’s sad to say, but I have not purposely paid any wrong spirit a bit of attention. However, I guess just like with money, it's: "More media, more problems"!

Between professional writing, blogging and social media I have been very active on the internet. The superhighway of information does deliver a rush in itself. I've noticed the more active I've been on the internet the less active I've been in prayer and meditation... don't even mention worship. Like I said I've always watched and listened to whatever was going on in pop culture and the entertainment world and I knew it played a major influence, but like so many others I did not consider the gravity of it all. I have been feeling such a strong pull to get back into the word and the spirit especially because of the vision for myself as "Breath Of Life Daily" and all it encompasses. Now I'm surer in the resolution to cling like super glue to my purpose, and be more mindful of worldly media than ever.

It all started this morning when I woke up. I really wanted to pray and get into God's presence, but because I purposely did not set my alarm and woke up later than I intended to, I skipped it. I knew I had two Fiverr jobs to finish, so even though the will to pray was on me so strongly, I chose not to and went straight to the internet to finish the jobs. When I finished them I felt relieved, but stayed on the internet like I usually do. If you've been keeping an eye on the blog you've noticed I haven't posted in a while. I got another job that takes up all my time. The point is instead of praying this morning I stayed on the internet. I turned on some music to get me motivated instead. I share music on Mondays anyway, so I decided to do a short post since I hadn’t been posting at all. Before I turned on the radio I had an idea of what I wanted to listen to BeyoncĂ© of course. "Schoolin' Life" I love the upbeat dance groove, but I decided I'd had enough of that from so many replays. I decided to listen to a beautiful song of hers that goes with the purpose of B.O.L.D. so well "I Was Here" the song and the video touched my heart.

Even though: First Sign- there was something funny and strange about the video. It's was very moving, in fact too moving, I wanted to cry almost the same as if worshipping God. That felt extremely weird, but again...I ignored it and shared it on social media anyway. I chose not to use the song in the Music Monday post because I wanted something upbeat and motivational. The song I chose was "Run The World". I was happy with this, motivated and in my own little groove. After sharing the post on Facebook I got a comment from a fan speaking on hidden messages in the vid. She made a specific reference to a particular scene with a woman on a cross and when I saw it I was still at first, but when it registered in my head I was beyond shocked, that was the Second Sign. I erased the video immediately.
Chilling I know, but it had to be shared.
I have heard the stories about different entertainers and their affiliations with devil worship. The image in that video is still mortifying just thinking about it. So I erased the video and its social media shares, but forgot about the ones I shared in the Facebook groups. Someone tried to click it informed me they we're having trouble with the link. I told her what happened and she shared a link full of rich detail on this topic that opened my eyes and has forever changed the way I view the entertainment world and myself.

I didn't want to believe in all this secret society talk. I just wanted to ignore it, but this is definitely a lesson that I have learned today: Be mindful of the things that seem harmless. Listen to God when He speaks. Follow your purpose strongly with your whole heart, find who you authentically are, be obedient to His will and only seek His media. This video is long but it has changed the way I view the world and those things in it. I will always be for the one and only almighty God and His voice in the world.

Today has really been a lesson. God has been steadily calling my spirit back into the place of worship and true devotion to spend time in His presence for the authenticity of my spirit. And with all these signs that took place I know for sure He is saying "Can you hear me now?" I surely hear Him and everyone with a soul should too! I still do not agree 100% with what is said in this video but its correct in that all of us have a purpose and should follow closely what the bible says, not what the world does.

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