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Great Expectations

Sometimes I get paralyzed in a state of thoughts and questions, but the best thing to do really is just to act, to move forward and embrace the goodness of God for life. As I was laying and thinking nothing seemed clear, but when I got up and begin to move none of what I was thinking about mattered.

Sometimes life gets confusing, but the best we can do is embrace those good things and keep moving forward. It's easy to come up with reasons why we can't, we should embrace the reasons why we can.

What goes hand in hand with the reasons we can is the Gospel a.k.a "the Good news" not just in the form of the biblical word, but through uplifting music. This song by Jonathan Nelson just came at a great time for me, I love it! It's an all around feel-good song with a positive message: "Expect The Great"!

When we operate in the great, we can just keep going, expectation and the things we perceive are very powerful. We can expect bad or expect good in the end the choice and the outcome is up to us how we are really gonna feel about certain situations. It's like waiting for something good in the mail, just the anticipation of it, keeps you motivated and inspired. So each day as we live we should live not worrying, but in whatever we do, just expect the Great.

The goodness of God is over our lives no matter what situation we are in, we should embrace this goodness. If we expect it, we make ourselves prepared for it. God is able, so do at all times don't just expect the mediocre or even the good, EXPECT THE GREAT!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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