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Never give up!

                                     Never, Never, Never Give up! -Winston Churchill

Some of us have heard "never give up" so many times it seems common place. It's only when we begin to really push for something worthwhile that we see the value of these words. In the face of rejection and things going not exactly as planned, is the time when we need to hear "keep going" the most! That little jolt of perseverance and inspiration makes a big difference in life.

That's what B.O.L.D is all about. Each day we live things are not going to be the same, or go as planned, in certain efforts there will be a try and a fail. We must keep on going and keep moving forward with each day that life permits.

There is something wonderful about dreams, the bigger the dream we envision, the bigger the failure appears in bringing it to pass. A dream itself isn't useless, because the vision we hold for our lives is closely related to purpose, but a dream without a conscious real-life strategy is just an illusion. We should much rather adopt goals as the lauching post. Goals breakdown the picture into tiny pieces to be achieved as we go. They are concrete and much more attainable.

Sometimes, even when we wake up from a subconscious dream, everything we saw, that happened within it can't be captured or properly expressed, so how much more so, trying to grasp an entire perception for our lives in a single effort. Being overly ambitious can hurt within the context and capacity that we place our dreams, but ambition is the fuel for drive. It's best to have specific goals, set exactly what they are, and go hard relentlessly to achieve them. There is always a way to accomplish goals. Set every goal to the alignment of the overall purpose and vision that you see and never, never, never give up! If they are positive they will give life to even more persistence. You can do it! Go for it!


  1. Great post April! I have many dreams and goals, and I have learned that some of them are not based on my overall purpose. I have learned to cut out things that I do not think that GOD would have me do, and focus on the ones that represent me and my passion. It does seem like everytime I try something, its a big fight to prevail. I am learning to keep pushing on, because I cannot let the enemy win.


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