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Invest Wholeheartedly

How are we really using our most valuable assets our money and our time? Is it investing in the real truth? It is getting more and more important in this information and conceptual age to know the value of truth. We are becoming more surrounded by media. The truth is so valuable, the bible say's "Buy the truth and sell it not." The truth that we get for our lives from God, the info and wisdom that we get from the Word is too valuable to take for granted.

The truth is like money, but it's more valuable Its up to us to keep it, up to us to cultivate it, and make it grow.  Its in this account that we gain the most interest! In tending to and keeping the word that inspires us, the word that is rich, It supplies us and greatly builds our character. It is the gain and promotion that never fails; That can only continue to grow.

When we enrich ourselves in it, and enrich our lives with the knowledge of God, honoring Him first with a close personal relationship and by making Him first not only in speech, but in action then the truth begins to grow and no matter what you've been through, no matter what the current situation is when this truth begins to sprout we adhere to it because "it" is our LIFE. If we sell it to the highest bidding circumstance, It's a sure sign we've lost the richness.

Lets just continue to gain, to get better and better. When we tend with all we have to the word and life of God, not letting it go, its us who will come out on top. Where are you putting your money and time?

Proverbs 23:23


  1. Wonderful post.
    Honoring him in spirit and truth.
    The most amazing part of this post that spoke to me was "If we sell it to the highest bidding circumstance, Its a sure sign we've lost the richness." That is soo very true.

    God bless you and keep you!

    1. Thanks Maleeka! I like that part as well. God bless you sister!!:)


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