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The Home Inside My Soul

I've come to the conclusion that people, me in particular spend a good deal of their time looking, trying to find what will satisfy, what will fulfill, always looking for something. I love the proverb: "Life is a journey, not a destination".  It's true because on this journey home is inside of us, Glory is inside of us, everything we need to fulfill, because when we put GOD first we are fulfilled. Everything we need to thrive is manufactured by us, by the will and effort we put forth. We think Life is supposed to be a means to some grand ending, when in actuality we carry home within us. We carry it everywhere we go, because we are the home we seek. We have not only a home but, a kingdom inside of us. Yet we seek for the glory through stardom, or recognition, or acceptance. We're always looking but why are we looking for what we can easily manifest on the inside.

I personally make the declaration that I'm done looking. In this year It's time to cultivate home before I make the move to do anything else, to take care of Home. It's time to get the foundation right, because if the foundation is not right anything else we build will not stand. I want to build in this year, and not just sandcastles that will wash away with the weather, but monuments. It's time to really get going. For 21 days I'm cutting myself off from anything else superfluous to take the time to cultivate whats on the inside; I'll have only water, vegetables, much prayer, and organization. Ive spent most of my life looking for an outside glory when all the time the glory was within, but this year is the year to manifest it, like no other one. I'm Ready.

Will anybody else join me? If so continue to let me know of your progress, as I will share mine.


  1. Awesome!!
    I'll be doing the same as I wrote on my blog. Good luck. Grace and strength during this time of detox.


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