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New Years "Glee"

Happy New Year Everybody! Well I must say a lot of things last year went nothing like how I expected them to. Even this blog didn't... my end of the year blog was supposed to be cleverly titled "The BOLDest Winter Ever." Highlighting personal reflections of 20ll and the creation of this blog. I guess somehow the inspiration just never came to actually perform or execute. That has been my main problem In 2011, I've had Idea after Idea, never seeing any of them come to pass. There was more thinking than there was action, because thinking is the easy part. I put a lot of blame on myself for lack of focus which I know is equally important. But I now realize it's not just about the lack of focus... It's about where we place it.

Through what I considered slacking off from a typing up a report that I was supposed to be doing, and and web surfing instead. I've recently became a big fan of the TV show  "Glee", and when I like something, I really like it. Yes It's official, I'm a "gleek".  I continued watching in fascination, and  slight anger at the fact that I've missed all the wonderment for  three whole seasons. Episode after episode I watched growing more impressed with each one. But it was something about episode seven of the first season that mesmerized me, It inspired me beyond normal. The story line of the episode  dealt with being a minority,  ending in the  cheer of highlighting the fact that we all are a minority in some kind of way.

In this episode; Quinn, the most popular, cheerleader captain. Ms. perfect, need I go on, In the end is the one who is the most humiliated, when the word spreads of her illegitimate pregnancy. If the pro-love message of acceptance didn't get me, the pro-faith message definitely did. At the end of the clubs performance of "Keep Holding On" Quinn did the last thing I expected, that in phenomenal "glee" fashion concluded the episode: She Breathed, and  not just your everyday inhale/exhale. She, who had been crying during the whole performance, while flashbacks of everything that had and was going wrong in her life played in sequence, Boldly took in a deep breath of reassurance that everything would be alright. It not only mildly encouraged me, it reminded my soul deeply of the very reason that I started this blog. There is so much that we go through in life, so much that seems unbearable, that sometimes wee need to just stop and breathe to get a grip on things. Whe we let go take the time out of thinking and being busy to get inspiration, we are empowered.

I was inspired to write and more motivated than ever to continue. Did I expect that my first post of the new year would be about glee? No. But in this new year. I will expect the unexpected. We can have all the preparation and focus in the world, but things don't always go how we expect or plan them to. Inspiration goes beyond our thoughts, sometimes its where we least expect it, because it comes natural as the air we breathe, it's in the very life we live. I have every intention in this new year to expand Breath Of Life Daily even further, to live  BOLD and to be a blessing as I am blessed. I understand that life comes from the life giver and my focus will be more on Him than ever before. I look forward to getting even better in this new year, to being even more empowered . I was recently told "You don't get what you want, you get what you focus on", so just as with Glee, This year It's definitely time for "New Directions".

 GOD bless and Happy New Year!

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